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Squids Feedback

The Squids care about your thoughts and questions. We also care about your privacy and do not share your e-mail address with anyone. Feel free to share your comments, requests, or impressions below. (If you would like to inquire about booking the Squids for an event please see our contact page.)

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Some Squid Feedback

 Sorry I have not gotton back wit yas. I had a little problem at the border. This dam fence there building down hear stopped me up and I ended up in a mexican jail for a bit.
 It just so happens that I ran into John Beechwood, you know that tree top flyer dude that ol Bottoms and I introduced to Stevie Stills the night Stevie and I hit that cid and had that really wild trip and he wrote that kickin song about him.
  Well we hooked up and broke out of that mexican jail and we stole an aeroplane and headed north across the border until we were shot down by a blackhawk helicopter on border patrol. I guess ol Johnny Beechwood doesn't have it like he used too. He put it down on the southern shore of lake Pontchartrain. We managed to swim to land where we split up hoping to throw the law off our trail.
 I have been hiding in the bayou where I met this voodo witch woman. She put the voodo spell on me, and in order to get it removed I need to go out into the Bayou and hunt Jaw-min, a fifteen foot killer alligator. I need to pluck his left eyeball out with a nail from an old swamp cabin in the shadow of the full moon, and swallow it with some magic potion voodo mama has. But in order to get the potion I have to be her sex slave for three weeks. If I don't the curse will cause my gizzard to dry up and fall out. But it's all good at least the law hasn't caught up to me. When I get loose I am on my way back north to gods country again to see some good old friends and hear some bitchin rock and roll.
See Ya,
Blind " (Blind Melon Chitland, 4.21.2008)

"Hey guys, we really loved you at Pigfest Sat. It was great to dance to your music once again!  Keep on doing what you're doing, we love ya! "

Carol  (the cookie lady) and Gary (4.7.2008)

"Love the new web page almost as much as watching 'yall at the Green Door!! But only ALMOST 'YALL ROCK ALWAYS!!" (Mindy, 3.13.08)

"DUDES! I haven't been able to find you guys since that whole bogus stalker case and personel protection order thing back in 77. I'm flying in from Dallas next weak. I should be able to catch ya all at this nick guy's place. Can I crash there? Brent and Jim it's been along time can't wait to see you again. I cant beleeve you hooked up with guru lund on gutar, me and carl carlton used to read about him in prison all the time. I still got some of his posters that we had hangin in the cell. See ya at nicks place.
I can't wait,
P.S. I'll bring some of those tamales I used to make for you guys back in Dallas!" (Blind Melon Chitland, 3.9.08)

"This could be one of the best pages I've ever read (biography)! If you won't show what the girls in front of the stage are doing, please keep updating the bio pages!!" Koon (3.5.2008)

"Hey guys, You were great at Mackinac! (I was there with P.J. and Jillian.) I was wondering if you had a playlist so I could get some of the songs you do on my ipod." Thanks, Katie (8.2.07)

". . . I was wondering if you guys could learn 'Wind Beneath My Wings' by Bette Midler to play at my 15th Class Reunion. Thanks Alot - Carrie Genson" (9.29.06)