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a Squid Band Biography

mitch foster

mitch foster
keyboards, harmonica, backing vocals, snapshots, web presence, lentils

Mitch is a cancer and likes candle-making, short walks in the woods, and long talks involving awkward silences. During the day mitch trains for the 2012 world tiddly-winks competition. While mitch avoids things like newspapers and new progams ("I have a right not to know!") - he does keep abreast with other things that matter -- sunlight, breathing, relationships, the universe, thinking, patterns, and movement. As a programmer of youth, mitch tends to try to stay rigidly flexible -- that is maintain a principled openness. A recreational truth-seeker, this featherless biped is open to the idea of oxy-moronic, haiku pallindromes: if you have one please send it on.


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