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a Squid Band Biography

Jeff Lund

Jeff Lund
Lead Guitar, Rythym Guitar, Backing Vocals, Ideologies

Jeff comes from parts unknown. He was born there.
This six-string mad-man has been spotted at the local library studying the history of the abacus while drinking a quadruple-expresso-mocha-latte (decaf).
An unauthorized, secret biographer once noted of Lund:
". . . was able, in a single day, to: save 2 lives, plumb a basement shower, walk the dogs, take out the trash, play 47 power chords, 645 individual notes, 2 bar chords, smile 68 times, pick up 2 fellow band members and their equipment, drive 47 miles, fix a wankel-rotary engine, download 4 songs, start 2 campfires, sing privately: 8 songs, publicly: 2 songs, lift a grand total of approximately 1,320 pounds, animate 3 stories, and kiss his wife goodnight . . . on the lips" (C.J. Zeitgeist, pg. 347)

His revolution will not be televised.